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Season over for 2009. Keep thinking ICE!




2008 - 2009 Officers
Don Sanford - Commodore
Rick Wilfert - Vice-Commodore
Fred Miller - Sec/Treasurer/WEB

2005 Annual Meeting Minutes
2006 Annual Meeting Minutes
2007 Annual Meeting Minutes

2008 Annual Meeting Minutes

Technical Committee
Craig Adams - Chairman
John Ritter - Builder
Terry Erwin 
David Navin
Tom Wilfert

INCA Class Rules (PDF)
INCA By-Laws (PDF)
INCA Constitution (PDF)

Proposed revisions to INCA Constitution & By-Laws

INCA Members:
A couple of years ago at our annual meeting, then Commodore Mark Wilfert and I volunteered to prepare some revisions to the By-Laws or our association.  The goal of this project was to correct a few typos, bring the by-laws into compliance with some gradual changes that had been made in the way the association operates and to reorder some to the language to bring like sections together.
I'm happy to announce that this is done.  Now all that awaits is for members to look this over and be prepared to vot the changes up or down at ur next annual meeting.
We're posting an "Executive Summary" that details exactly what was done plus our current By-Laws and the proposed revisions, all in .pdf format.

My thanks to Mark Wilfert and Scott Brown for their assistance with this project.

Don Sanford - INCA Commodore

What's this all about?
Proposed by-laws.
Proposed constitution.

The International Nite Class Association conducts its races and regattas under the jurisdiction of rules set forth and revised by the National Iceboat Authority. For a copy of the NIA Rule Book in PDF form,
click here

For those sailors who need a graphic interpretation of the NIA Rules, we offer this graphic. Print a copy, study it, talk about it with your pals, glue one to the inside of your trailer box, refer to it often. Click here for the graphic.

How To Get Involved
PIYC/Nite Ice Hotline:   262-367-1100
Builder:  S&R Marine  262-367-1100
               S&R Marine Web Site
Membership Information




2009 Nite ISA
When: March 13-15, 2009.
Mallet's Bay, VT

No Nites attended the event.

ISA results here.

2009 Western ISA
When: March 13-15, 2009.
Green Lake, WI

Twelve Nites travelled to Green Lake to take part in the Western ISA. Unfortunately, light winds and warm temperatures limited the event to a single race.

Western ISA results here.

2009 INCA National Champion #520 Grant Frautschi
2009 Nite National Champion
#520 Grant Frautschi

2009 Nite Nationals
When: February 28-March 1, 2009
Where:  Lake Geneva, WI.

4LIYC skipper Grant Frautschi notched another Nite National Championship over two days of exciting and challenging conditions on Lake Geneva February 28 & March 1, 2009. Going into Sunday's racing, Grant led the fleet followed by Mark Prange, Craig Adams, Mark Wilfert and Tom Sweitzer.  Read more ...

Final Results


Important Note:

The following ice reports are called in by volunteers to help iceboaters find clear ice for sailing. Never consider these reports as fully accurate as ice and safety conditions change daily. Never venture on ice alone. Wear a lifejacket and carry ice picks. Remember, you are responsible for your own safety.

PIYC Nite Racing
(Waukesha, WI Inland Lakes Area)
Click for Pewaukee, Wisconsin Forecast
3/18: Season ended.

Minnetonka Nite Racing
(Minneapolis, MN Area)
Click for Minnetonka, Minnesota Forecast
Sailing potentially possible on local lakes. Check for more information.

Four Lakes Ice Yacht
Club Nite Racing
(Madison, WI Area)
Click for Madison, Wisconsin Forecast
3/18: Season ended.






Skeeter Ice Boat Club
Nite Racing
(Lake Geneva, WI Area)
Click for Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Forecast
3/18: Season ended.

Lake Geneva:

Lake Delavan:

Lake Como:

Southern Region
Nite Racing
(Ilinois, Missouri Areas)
Click for Lake Lotawana, Missouri Forecast

3/18: Season ended.

Michigan Nite Racing
(Michigan Area)
Click for Muskegon, Michigan Forecast
Season ended.

Eastern Region
Nite Racing
(Ohio, East Coast Areas)
Click for New Milford, Connecticut Forecast

3/18: Season ended.

Western Region
Nite Racing
(Colorado and Western States Areas)
Click for Denver, Colorado Forecast

3/18: Season ended.


A vast majority of the time one can participate in ice boating and enjoy a reasonable and acceptable safety margin.

We must be remind you that ice boats are very fast and the ice is very hard. Ice can be thick and quite thin in other places, sometimes just a few feet apart. Under the ice is water which can be very cold and is often very deep. The Right-of-way rules are written to help prevent accidents. Using common sense about when and where to sail works most of the time. However, accidents causing damage to equipment, injury or even death may still occur.

The International Nite Class Association can not guarantee your safety when sailing, whether you follow these guidelines and the Right-of- Way rules or not. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF!! No one, including The International Nite Class Association, can guarantee your safety when on the ice. You are responsible for yourself. The safety advice given on this page CANNOT guarantee your safety in all instances. Be smart, never sail alone.

You can find other information about sailing safe at

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