Iceboat Links



1998 DN North Americans 1998 DN North Americans Report.
Boe-Craft Skeeter Ice Yacht Association For the preservation of B Skeeters.
British Icesailing Enter at your own risk! Major rush ahead.
Chicawaukie Ice Boat Club of Maine Iceboating in Maine. Good info here.
Colorado Landsailing & Iceboating The Colorado home of Landsailing, Iceboating, and Kite Flying.
CSI Components for the DN Iceboat Carbon fiber iceboat parts. Good stuff.
Connecticut Ice Yacht Club Racing iceboats (Nites too!) on Bantam Lake, CT
Erie Iceboat Club Sailing on frozen Presque Isle Bay, Erie, Pa.
European IDNIYRA DN Euronews.
Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club THE BEST 'boating site on the planet. 'Nough said.
Gougeon Brothers, Inc. Gooey, sticky stuff for iceboats. Really good.
Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club Home of Ice Boaters sailing NW Lower Michigan.
Green Lake Ice Yacht Club Home of the "Green Lake Ice Yacht Club."
Hansen Boat Works Home of the Falcon C Class Skeeter.
Hudson River Ice Yacht Club Preserving and Sailing the Historic Gaff Rigged Ice Yachts of New York's Hudson River Valley.
Iceboating on Lake Deschenes Ontario, Canada iceboating.
Iceflyer An acrobatic iceboat?
Icesailing from Prince Edward Island, Canada Dedicated to Wind, Ice and Man's Ingenuity.
Icester Ice Yachts Home of Icester homemade iceboats.
International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association Home page of world DN racing.
International Monotype-XV Ice Yacht Racing Association The Monotype-XV ice yacht is the only 2-seated ice yacht in Europe today that regularly arrange a European Championship.
International Renegade Ice Yacht Association Elmer Millenbach's design still strong after more than 50 years.
McCormick Lumber - Sitka Spruce Supplier Sitka spruce supplier to the sport of iceboating.
Minnesota Iceboating Fantastic site featuring iceboating news from Minnesota as well as from other places. Super!
Montreal Iceboating Association Created to promote ice sailing in the Montreal area.
Netherlands Ice Sailing Association Where iceboating started.
New England Ice Yacht Association Great spot to find out about iceboating in New England.
North American Land Sailing Association Like iceboating only warmer, dustier, and a bit slower.
North Sails, New Jersey Iceboat Photo Gallery Some interesting iceboat photos from assorted classes.
North Shrewsbury Iceboat & Yacht Club Super site for info on New Jersey iceboating.
Nova Scotia, Canada Iceboating A place where they claim almost unlimited chances to iceboat. Must be heaven.
Old Painting of an Iceboat Regatta on Lake Mendota See what iceboating was like around 1900 in WI.
Ontario Ice Sailing Association The official Ontario iceboating site.
Polish DN Fleet Association Lots of DN talent in Poland. Need to know the language to use this site.
Russian DN Association Russian DN site. This one's in english.
Sailing on Ice Homepage Iceboating in Sweden.
Saratoga Lake Ice Report Promoting the sport of iceboating on Saratoga Lake.
Sarns Hardware Marine Hardware for all your Hardwater Sailing since 1951.
South Bay Scooter Club The oldest Scooter club in the United States.
Swedish Ice Sailing Federation Another good Swedish iceboating site.
Toledo Ice Yacht Club Doing it on ice for over 85 years.
Western Connecticut Ice & Social Club A very unique group of hard water sailors from Bantam & Candlewood Lakes in western Connecticut.
West Michigan Ice Yacht Club Active group of iceboaters from the Western Michigan lakes.
Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association Dedicated to the promotion, restoration, and competition of stern-steerers.
Yahoo Iceboating Club General information about iceboating. You must join up to see the messages (but it's free!)

International Nite Class Association