Nite News 1/30/10

2010 Annual Meeting Report

January 30, 2010

Commodore Don Sanford called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m. Location: Pewaukee Lake, WI Regatta site.

Members in attendance: Commodore Don Sanford, Vice-Commodore Rick Wilfert, Secretary/Treasurer Fred Miller, Bob Stoltz, Scott Stetter, Mark Prange, Brett Larson, Grant Frautschi, Scott Brown, John Ritter, Matt Schmidt, Ed Eckert, Norb Baldus, Tom Sweitzer, Mark Wilfert

Last year's minutes were approved unanimously as written. Scott Stetter - moved, Ed Eckert - second.

Commodore's Report

Don Sanford reported that the revised INCA Constitution, By-Laws and Rules are now complete and posted on the INCA web site. Members are to review the revised documents and be prepared to vote on them by mail in the near future.

Don Sanford proposed separating the duties of Treasurer out of the duties of the Secretary/Treasurer. INCA officers are agreeable to the change so it was put up for a vote to the members present and approved. Brett Larson volunteered to take on the duties of Treasurer and was approved by the members present unanimously.

Don Sanford requested members send in reports, tips, and photos for publishing on the web site.

Treasurer's Report

Fred Miller reported that as of January 17, 2010 INCA had $2,179.19 in its savings account. We have plenty of funds at this time to proceed with the operations and current goals of the organization.

As of January 17, 2010 their were about 25 paid members.

Technical Committee

Brett Larson went to Michigan and had designed and then purchased a composite Nite mast for testing on his Nite. He had the mast down during the day of January 30 for all present to inspect. Brett gave a report about the mast itself, expectations, the process, and how he thinks things should proceed. A general discussion was held by the group concerning the mast. All agreed one goal should be to make the boat safer and bring the slower boats up into the fleet so they are more competitive - thus keeping the fleet strong. John Ritter stated it is harder to make a consistent wood mast than it would be to build consistent composite masts. Concerns were stated about the cost of the mast and how the transition to it would impact the fleet as a whole. Brett will sail the regatta with the mast as an experiment and will not be scored.

New Business

Commodore Sanford discussed the fact that dues had not been raised in many years and suggested to keep up with increasing costs of items such as the web site that dues be increased from $10 to $15 per year. Tom Sweitzer made a motion to raise the dues and was seconded by Bob Stoltz. A short discussion followed on it was unanimously accepted by the members present. According to the By-Laws such a change must be voted on by all paid members via a mail ballot and that will be done in the coming months.

Rick Wilfert suggested that the Nationals regatta be held over three days instead of two. Such a provision already exists in the By-Laws so it just has to be stated in the NOR and sailing instructions. A straw vote of members present was favorable in moving to a three day regatta.

Scott Brown brought up scheduling of Nite regattas and the pecking order of major events such as the DN Westerns, Nite Nationals, Northwest, and ISA. He volunteered, and was approved by the members present, to be the INCA representative to speak with the other regatta chairs to work on a more efficient method of working out regatta scheduling. All thanked Scott for taking on this important issue for the class.

Scott Brown then talked about ways to promote and grow the fleet. He suggested everyone find a new person to take for a ride or rides in their Nite to introduce them to the sport and get them interested. He thought the Nites should schedule an event where the fleet could centralize such a promotion.

Ed Eckert brought up the idea of running a new Nite regatta in the Northern region (Minnesota). It could happen around the time, but not overlapping, the DN Westerns. Scott Brown volunteered to chair the event and get it started in 2010.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m. on a motion by Mark Prange and seconded by Jon Ritter.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Miller - INCA Secretary/Treasurer