Nite News 3/1/07

2007 Annual Meeting Report
By Mark Wilfert (#350), INCA Ex-Commodore

February 17, 2007

Call to Order: The Annual meeting of the International Nite Class Association (INCA) was called to order by Commodore Mark Wilfert at 8:31 pm, shortly after dinner at the The Brothers Three in Marinette, Wisconsin. 13 Nite members of the Association were present. Rick Wilfert, Terry Erwin, Tom Sweitzer, Mark Prange, Mark Wilfert, Craig Adams, Tom Nordlie, Norb Baldus, Brett Larson, Dick Gorta, Mike Burns, Carl Rozmarek and Scott Brown.

Minutes: The minutes of the 2006 annual meeting were reviewed with no corrections. Motion to approve by Norb Baldus, second by Terry Erwin. Motion carried.

Election of Officers: Commodore Wilfert reminded the membership that the current 2005-2007 officers are as follows:

Commodore: Mark Wilfert
Vice Commodore: Don Sanford
Secretary-Treasurer: Fred Miller
Technical Committee Chair: Craig Adams

Mark reported that we are in an election year and we would need to elect a new Commodore and Vice Commodore. The floor was opened to nominations for the Commodore position. Mike Burns nominated current Vice Commodore Don Sanford, from the 4LIYC, to serve as class Commodore for the next two year term. Second by Scott Brown. Motion carried

The floor was then opened to nominations for the vacant class Vice Commodore position. Mark Wilfert explained that we are looking for a four year commitment to the class for a person to serve as Vice Commodore and then Commodore. No nominations were brought forward and the position will be vacant.

Following the elections the 2007-2009 officers are as follows:

Commodore: Don Sanford
Vice Commodore: Vacant
Secretary-Treasurer: Fred Miller
Technical Committee Chair: Craig Adams

Treasurerís Report: No Report

Technical Committee: INCA technical committee chairperson Craig Adams reports that there has been no communications regarding last yearís carbon mast discussion.

Old Business:

Carbon Mast Report (Peter Slocum): No Report

Updating of Class Constitution and By-Laws (Mark Wilfert): Mark Wilfert reports that electronic scans of the original Class Constitution and By-Laws have been created and will be provided for posting on the Class website.

Class promotion (Don Sanford): No Report

New Business:

Scott Brown suggested that the class actively seek people who currently own a Nite and want to come and race with the class. Possible reasons we have not reached these people were discussed as how we inform them of where Nite racing is happening at a local level. Scott asked that the class consider updating the class website to be more interactive and allow for persons to post class racing information on more of a local level.

Adjournment: A motion was made for adjournment at 9:02 p.m. by Craig Adams. Second by Terry Erwin. Motion carried and meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark Wilfert
Nite 350