Nite News 3/15/08

2008 Annual Meeting Report
By Fred Miller (#371), INCA Secretary/Treasurer

March 15, 2008
In attendance: Don Sanford - Commodore
Fred Miller - Secretary/Treasurer
John Ritter - Class Builder
Norb Baldus
Scott Brown
Paul Bates
Mark Prange
Mark Wilfert
Rick Wilfert
Bill Henderson
Debbie Ziegler
Grant Frautschi
Brett Larson
Ed Eckert
Matt Schmidt
Last year's minutes were approved unanimously as written. Grant Frautschi - moved, Scott Brown - second.
Budget report was approved unanimously. Mark Prange - moved, Grant Frautschi - second.
Composite Mast Discussion: Those in attendance had a lively discussion about allowing composite masts. The commodore has not received a report from the technical committee or Peter Slocum on this topic. John Ritter can build if the mast is approved. If composite mast approved then the cut of sails would change due to the bendier mast. However, a more flexible mast would make the boat more controllable which meets everyone's approval.  Further action on this tabled until the next meeting in order to get a proper report from Peter Slocum. Moved by Grant Frautschi, second by Scott Brown. Approved unanimously.
Updating of Constitution, By-laws, Nite Class Rules:  After some discussion, it was moved (Grant Frautschi) and seconded (Mark Prange, approved unanimously) to post an electronic version of the items in their current form, post on the class web site, and allow fleet members to comment and make updates.
It was suggested that the ISA allow the Nite class to run more races. Don Anderson said he would speak with Tom Sweitzer and the ISA on this.
Don Anderson then asked for someone to step up and volunteer to act as Vice-Commodore to revitalize the class organization and get proper succession of officers on track again. Rick Wilfert volunteered and was voted in.
Meeting then adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Fred Miller
Nite #371